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Lycrabelt for Insulin Pumps


Lycrabelt for insulin pumps – perfect for sports and at night.  Comfortable next to the skin.

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Product Description

Our Lycrabelt for insulin pumps is the perfect option for sports and at night.  Super comfortable to wear and with multiple pockets, it is a great option for keeping your pump in place with the option to also hold your blood glucose monitor, test strips, finger prick pen, and even your mobile phone.

How to use:  Just slip your item into the belt through the slit, when you have everything in place, flip the belt over to keep every thing nice and secure.  Easy to use and keeps everything in place.  Simple to pull out your pump and enter in carbs or change settings with no zippers or snaps to open.

Buy one of our traditional cases for everyday use and one of these belts for night time and sports activities!

Comes in 3 sizes – there is considerable stretch in these belts which is why the waist size is a range.  If your waist is at the upper range, we would recommend the next size larger.

Small Waist: 62cm – 72cm/24.41″ – 28.35″
Medium Waist: 72cm – 82cm/28.35″ – 32.28″
Large Waist: 79cm – 89cm/31.10″- 35.04″

High quality material – very durable.

Washable in warm water, air dry – not recommended for tumble drying.

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Small, Medium, Large


Black, Grey, Purple, Orange

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