radrr Home – End of Business

October 2022
Thank you to all our customers over the last 12 years. Unfortunately, it is time for us to retire radrr.

I started this business to help people like my son, Tomas, who is a type 1 diabetic to live more easily with his insulin pump. He was 10 when he went on an insulin pump and I wanted to create something more fun and practical to hold his insulin pump in and started radrr. 1000s of cases later and sales from around the world, I believe we helped many people to live more easily with a pump.

Tomas is healthy and doing well, currently in Harvard studying Neuroscience – proving that people with diabetes have no limitations!

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years and wishing everyone with diabetes hope for a healthy future.

David C Winegar
Founder, radrr

We still have some inventory of our products remaining and if anyone would like to arrange to secure a lot (I only require the covering of shipping charges) of the inventory either to continue sales or donate to a medical organization working with children’s diabetes, please send me an email.