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radrr was born out of our own experience with diabetes and insulin pumps. In 2008 my son was diagnosed with diabetes type one at the age of 6. The challenges of living with this disease were made easier when our doctor recommended our switch to the insulin pump in late 2009. The insulin pump has made regulating the blood sugar much easier and less scary for our son than the previous twice daily shots. Today we are happy to report he is doing well. Although we love the pump, I was surprised to find that most of the accessories for living with it support the wrong image. Let me explain…

The accessories given to us by the manufacturer were all geared towards adults or very small children. The case choice was either leatherette belt clip models or industrial medical pouch on a Velcro strip—they are hardly the kind of things that kids want to use or be seen with. I immediately went to Google and searched for “insulin pump cases” and thought for sure that there would be something that my son would like. To my surprise, there wasn’t. I found that there was little choice, the quality of what was available was questionable, and there was little  that made insulin pumps look “cool” or “fun” and at the same time provide high quality construction and functionality.

I started to think, why isn’t there something that is more fun? More cool? Dare we say even stylish? These kids have to go through a lot already–why should they also be embarrassed about their pumps! This is when we decided to do something about this situation, and radrr was born.

We source the cases from a Chinese supplier who does excellent work. They are high quality, made of tough rip-stop nylon material, with small features, such as extra pockets, that help to make them functional and versatile.

The designs are our own. We create them in-house and have designs for boys and girls. We want people to say when they see their insulin pumps not “What is that!!??” but “Wow, that is cool, where do I get one!?”

And that’s just the thing–our cases are also perfect size for your mobile phone, MP3 player or digital camera. It’s possible to get ones for the whole family so your diabetes child does not feel different but as one of the boys or girls.

We will be updating our designs periodically, so sign up for our mailing list and we will let you know when our new collection is out. And don’t forget to take a look at our accessories. We have a few items that can help you to better live with an insulin pump–all at very reasonable prices!

We are always looking for new ideas for products. If you have an idea, send us an email and we will see what we can do to make it happen.

All the best.

David Winegar

Founder radrr.com

 Our Contact Details:

Address: Riimukuja 6a
State / Province:Uusimaa
Postal Code:00750
Email: info@radrr.com
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