Don’t let your pump and insulin suffer in the summer heat

As temperatures rise this summer I am reminded that as a father of a son with an insulin pump it is really important to keep the pump and insulin at a temperature that is not too hot.  Ideally it should be in the 20s (20s Celsius).  Temperature changes (hot and cold) are bad for insulin and reduce its effectiveness.  If you find that you have bad blood sugars for no apparent reason, take a look at your insulin and evaluate if you have been in extreme temperatures.  If so, change it!

Also, be very careful with your pump when out in hot weather – especially on the beach.   I know one pump user that actually had her pump melt on the beach completely ruining it.  Make sure you keep it in a cool place and out of the direct sun!

We at do offer a product that works with our cases that can help.  It is high tech ice (used in hospitals to transport organs) that can be reused many, many times.  How it works is you hydrate the ice pods the first time you use them by soaking them in water.  Then you pop them in the freezer and let them freeze.  You then place them in the case pockets on either side of your pump and you are good to go.  The ice pods do not give off moisture so you will not get your pump or clothes wet, and the ice lasts much longer than real ice.  Depending on the temperature, you can get several hours of cooling from them.  We provide a pack of 4, so you can change them out when you notice that they are no longer cool.  Also, the added insulation of the pods alone help to protect your pump from the heat.

Think about protecting your pump the next time you are out in the summer heat!


radrr Founder