Sleeping with an insulin pump

Fairies insulin pump case

One of the things that makes living with an insulin pump a challenge is that you must have the device on 24/7!  That means having a device strapped to you all night long.

When my son first got his pump, it was of course a bit of an annoyance to have this “thing” there flopping around all night long.  Of course as a parent I was always worried that the canal would get pulled out as he tossed and turned in bed.  As time went on, my son got more used to it and my worries subsided.

When I jumped in and decided to start making insulin pump cases, the belt to attach it to the body was one of the biggest concerns.  I knew that it had to above all be comfortable, and at the same time reliable.  We looked at a lot of materials, including traditional elastic (which many case makers use) to mesh belts, to what we settled on 3M Velstretch.

Velstretch belt

3M Velstretch is amazing stuff!  It is so comfortable, yet incredibly strong.  We use a 1.5 inch variety that is soft to the skin and stretches plenty while fitting securely.  We got rid of all the extras that might dig into the skin, including any plastic buckle pieces and went just with a simple, flat, piece of Velcro hook to connect the ends.  We use a big piece, 5 inches long, so that it will stay in place through all the tossing and turning at night (also n the sports field!), but still be comfortable.

I can say that my son has been now using them day and night for 3 years and loves them!  He never complains that it is digging into his skin, and I have never had a case when it has come undone on its own.

The Velstretch is rated for more than 10,000 openings and closings, meaning it lasts!  Regular elastic stretches out and does not hold up even a fraction of the time. Velstretch can also be washed and cut to length as you need without worry of ruining it.

It is expensive, but we keep our prices very low.  When you buy a case with a belt, you are essentially getting the belt for free!  Velstretch, due to its high quality, is very expensive, but we at Radrr know it is a key component to living with an insulin pump and therefore provide it at a very low cost to you.

Order one today, I guarantee you will fall in love with it!


Founder: Insulin Pump Cases