Is Glucagon Ready for Primetime?

Published on May 18th, 2014 | by Craig Idlebrook

Xeris_GPen_Mini_300pxIf you’ve ever been given glucagon, chances are you weren’t focused enough to see how it was reconstituted. Considered the counterweight hormone to insulin, glucagon is typically only given in emergency situations to quickly treat extreme lows. It’s an invaluable tool to help people with diabetes, but not a convenient one. Glucagon quickly degrades with water, so it usually is kept in powder form and must be quickly mixed with water during an emergency, says Doug Baum, CEO of Xeris Pharmaceuticals. “Glucagon is a poster child of a drug that does not do well with water,” says Baum. Because glucagon delivery is not user friendly, few people with diabetes even keep a glucagon rescue kit in the house. Even when the drug is kept in the house, it’s often up to a non-medically trained individual to administer it, and most people instead reach for the phone to dial 911. The delay can be disastrous. The steps involved in administering glucagon have made a potentially life-saving treatment about as popular as an orphan drug. But what if glucagon could instead be as easily administered as insulin and utilized by people with diabetes to treat even mild lows? Better yet, what if glucagon could even flow through your body as part of a pump system for an artificial pancreas? That’s the quest of Xeris, a company that is focusing on biologically friendly ways to make drug mixtures in liquid forms. And if Xeris’ recent media push is any indication, they may have cracked the code for how to do it. Pharmaceutical companies typically have learned to be careful to manage expectations before releasing study results, but Baum was noticeably chipper in a phone interview withInsulin Nation about the results of a recent Phase II trial of Xeris’s G-Pump glucagon infusion formula. While Baum wouldn’t give specifics on how Xeris’ glucagon formula performed, he did sound more than a little optimistic. “When we administered our glucagon, we saw the desired or intended effect occur,” Baum says. “We’re very excited that our glucagon performs very well in the study compared to Lily’s glucagon.” In other words, Xeris believes it has a created a liquid-based glucagon with a stable shelf life that does just as well as the powdered stuff found in the standard glucagon rescue kit. Xeris will officially be announcing the results of the study at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, being held June 13th – 17th, 2014 in San Francisco. What we know so far is that researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University have been analyzing a Xeris glucagon that’s administered through an OmniPod pump to see how quickly it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and bring up blood sugar levels in human study participants. Previously, a Xeris G-Pen glucagon product did well in a similar Phase II study. While people with diabetes have grown accustomed to knowing the ins and outs of insulin, the value of an everyday glucagon might not be as readily apparent. But many researchers believe room temperature stable glucagon could be the “missing link” to make a truly closed-loop artificial pancreas system that continuously regulates blood glucose levels. Easy-to-use glucagon could also expand the use of the treatment and prevent extreme lows before they happen by allowing people with diabetes to administer it themselves. Although the Xeris formulation is being tested with an OmniPod pump, Baum says Xeris would like to make the glucagon available for any pump manufacturer who wishes to create a chamber for it. Company officials also are hoping to develop glucagon auto-injectors and pens. In short, Xeris wants glucagon to be the new insulin. “We want to be like an insulin manufacturer,” Baum says. “We want to make it ubiquitous.” Diabetes researchers will eagerly await the results of the Phase II pump trials to see if Xeris’ claims signal that glucagon can come out of the emergency room and into everyday life.

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Have You Been Thinking About An Insulin Pump?

Tyler Stevenson
May 13, 2014

OmniPod IM 455

Is your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride every single day? Do you feel unsure about what to do or how to bring your blood glucose levels down? Are you scared to go out and do things with friends or family because of the fear that diabetes brings you on a daily basis? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to think about using an insulin pump to control your blood glucose levels. 

I have been wearing aninsulin pump for many years and am here to weigh in on why I feel it is a good option for type 1 diabetics. To some, this option may seem to be overly extreme or a last resort to an unsolvable problem. However, it shouldn’t be viewed this way. I am here to clear the air and answer a few questions about some of the common fears and concerns that scare people away from using an insulin pump.

Question: What makes an insulin pump a great option?

¬ An insulin pump can provide you with the convenience of being able to adjust yourself with insulin wherever you go and without the hassle of having to carry needles, a vial of insulin, etc. Instead, you can simply give yourself the exact amount of insulin you need at any moment.

Question: Is wearing an insulin pump uncomfortable?

¬ No, actually once you get in a routine of where you like to put your pump on your body, you hardly even know it is there. Plus, when you wear a pump you do not have to give yourself shots all the time, which are never comfortable.

Question: What are the benefits of an insulin pump?

¬ Fist of all, it gives you peace of mind that the insulin pump is on you at all times, along with a sense of independence and confidence about your diabetes control. This freedom allows you to not worry about your blood glucose levels or insulin when you go out with friends and family.

¬ By having an insulin pump you are able to set your hourly insulin rate (basal rates) to fit your individual needs, giving you a far greater ability to regulate blood glucose levels as a regular pancreas would.

¬ An insulin pump allows you to conveniently store basal rates and lets you track when you give yourself insulin making it easier to track your daily usage. Also, this information can be downloaded and given to your doctor in a hard copy format giving them an even better overall view of how you are doing.

Choosing to use an insulin pump is a major decision that needs to be discussed with your doctor, family, and yourself. It is not a decision that should be made on a whim because it impacts your health every single day. Hopefully, what I have shared has given you some things to think about. I wish everyone the best of luck with their type 1 diabetes.

Happy pumping!

Source: Have You Been Thinking About An Insulin Pump? – Diabetes Health.

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Sleeping with an insulin pump

Fairies insulin pump case

One of the things that makes living with an insulin pump a challenge is that you must have the device on 24/7!  That means having a device strapped to you all night long.

When my son first got his pump, it was of course a bit of an annoyance to have this “thing” there flopping around all night long.  Of course as a parent I was always worried that the canal would get pulled out as he tossed and turned in bed.  As time went on, my son got more used to it and my worries subsided.

When I jumped in and decided to start making insulin pump cases, the belt to attach it to the body was one of the biggest concerns.  I knew that it had to above all be comfortable, and at the same time reliable.  We looked at a lot of materials, including traditional elastic (which many case makers use) to mesh belts, to what we settled on 3M Velstretch.

Velstretch belt

3M Velstretch is amazing stuff!  It is so comfortable, yet incredibly strong.  We use a 1.5 inch variety that is soft to the skin and stretches plenty while fitting securely.  We got rid of all the extras that might dig into the skin, including any plastic buckle pieces and went just with a simple, flat, piece of Velcro hook to connect the ends.  We use a big piece, 5 inches long, so that it will stay in place through all the tossing and turning at night (also n the sports field!), but still be comfortable.

I can say that my son has been now using them day and night for 3 years and loves them!  He never complains that it is digging into his skin, and I have never had a case when it has come undone on its own.

The Velstretch is rated for more than 10,000 openings and closings, meaning it lasts!  Regular elastic stretches out and does not hold up even a fraction of the time. Velstretch can also be washed and cut to length as you need without worry of ruining it.

It is expensive, but we keep our prices very low.  When you buy a case with a belt, you are essentially getting the belt for free!  Velstretch, due to its high quality, is very expensive, but we at Radrr know it is a key component to living with an insulin pump and therefore provide it at a very low cost to you.

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Founder: Insulin Pump Cases

Our story

Radrr was born out of our own experience with diabetes and insulin pumps. In 2008 my son (in the pic above) was diagnosed with diabetes type one at the age of 6. The challenges of living with this disease were made easier when our doctor recommended our switch to the insulin pump in late 2009. The insulin pump has made regulating the blood sugar much easier and less scary for our son than the previous twice daily shots. Today we are happy to report he is doing well. Although we love the pump, I was surprised to find that most of the accessories for living with it support the wrong image. Let me explain…

The accessories given to us by the manufacturer were all geared towards adults or very small children. The case choice was either leatherette belt clip models or industrial medical pouch on a Velcro strip—they are hardly the kind of things that kids want to use or be seen with. I immediately went to Google and searched for “insulin pump cases” and thought for sure that there would be something that my son would like. To my surprise, there wasn’t. I found that there was little choice, the quality of what was available was questionable, and there was little that made insulin pumps look “cool” or “fun” and at the same time provide high quality construction and functionality.

I started to think, why isn’t there something that is more fun? More cool? Dare we say even stylish? These kids have to go through a lot already–why should they also be embarrassed about their pumps! This is when we decided to do something about this situation, and Radrr was born.

- David Winegar


Radrr Insulin Pump Cases

Radrr (pronounced rad-er or more radical) creates insulin pump cases that are fun. Our cases fit all the major insulin pump makers and have lots of extra features that make carrying your pump easier.

Why choose Radrr?

Our cases are of the highest quality, professionally made, durable and washable. In addition to that, we use 3M Velstretch for our case belts, which is so much more durable and comfortable than elastic.

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