Insulin Pump Case Boys’ Superpack


This bundle has everything you need for managing life with your insulin pump at a fantastic price.

What’s included:

1 lycra flip belt for holding your pump and extras – perfect both for day and night use. A zipper pocket holds your pump secure with 2 side pockets. Comfortable next to the skin and easy on and off with a zipper at the back.

Our black slim case. Use this with our Velstretch Velcro belt. Just attach with the Velcro and you have a perfect case for using under clothes. Easy to access with a quick unzip, and easy to remove with a pull. This features a button hole to feed your cannula through to keep things nice and neat.

1 insulin pump case in choice of design. Our cases are the best quality to keep your insulin pump protected. 3 pockets, the main one for your pump, a zipper pocket for your important items (bank card, bus card, blood test strips, etc.) and another pocket for quick access. Carry it clipped to a belt with the carabiner, with your own belt using the belt loop, or with our Velstretch Velcro belt. This case is super versatile and our top seller.

4 Techni ice packs for cooling and warming. One of the dangers of using insulin is that its effectiveness is impacted by extremes of temperature. Our ice packs can be frozen AND warmed to help regulate the temperature of your insulin and your pump. They fit perfectly in the pockets of our case. There is no sweating, so they keep dry all the time and you’re your pump nice and cool.

1 case for traveling with your insulin pens and insulin vials. Helps you to manage traveling with insulin and backup pens. Compact design insulated and built to hold the same Techni ice packs that you can use with your pump. Just slide the ice into the pockets on each side and you get hours of cooling (between 4 and 10 hours dependent on the outside temperature).


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