Insulin Pump Case Value Pack – Boys’ Sport, Night and Day Pack


Pump Pouch Details

  • 1 Case with belt loop, neck strap & carabiner
  • 1 Velstretch belt
  • 1 Lycrabelt

This value pack has everything you need to take care of your pump at day, at night, and during sports activities. It is a complete solution for living with an insulin pump.  The case and belt is ideal for the daytime and at school. Keeping your pump secure and comfortably at your side all day. Easy access to your pump for putting in carbs and extra pockets to keep all your extras. The lycra pump belt is ideal for sports activities and for sleeping at night. It keeps your pump securely in place and prevents it from bouncing around. The belt is actually one big pocket with several entry points. This means you can fit nearly everything you need for the day. The case, velstretch belt, and lycra belt are all made of high quality materials.  PACK DETAILS: – 1 case of your choice (Gorillas, F-18 or Motorcycle) 12cm x 8cm – 1 Velstretch Belt: 100 cm/36 inches – 1 lycra belt in Camouflage, choice Size Lycra belt sizes (there is about 7.5 cm/3 inches stretch in the lycra belts) – Lycra Belt Small 62cm/24.5 inches – Lycra Belt Medium 74 cm/29 inches – Lycra Belt Large 82 cm/32 inches


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