Velstretch Belt


Perfect for attaching the insulin pump bag!

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Product description

Velstretch Velcro belts are comfortable and easy to use. The entire 5 cm (1.5 inch) wide belt is a piece of stretch Velcro loop and comes with a ~13 cm (5 inch) hook piece that acts as a belt buckle.  It is soft against the skin and lies flat with no plastic or metal clips, making it more comfortable. This belt allows you infinite adjustment with the ability to cut it to the length you need. It comes in a 1 meter length (~39 inches).

This is probably the best price on the market that you will find, as we were able to get a good deal when sourcing these belts, allowing us to pass the savings on to you for a limited time.

  • Washable and dry cleanable
  • Maximum shrinkage 2%
  • Closure strength increased in cold temperatures
  • Durable and virtually maintenance free
  • High cycle life tested at more than 10,000 openings and closures
  • Color: black

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