Techni ice ice packs for your insulin pump case

How to Hydrate and use the Techniice ice packs with your insulin pump cases.

Techni Ice Cooling and Warming Pods

Our Techni ice works perfectly with your pump cases to help keep your pump cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Techni ice is an amazing product that holds temperature up to 18 times longer than normal ice.  Did you know that when you freeze water in your freezer it cannot get any colder than about -1 C or 30 F – just below freezing.  But Techni ice can freeze down to the full temperature of you freezer.  For most that is about -18 C or 0 F – that is a lot colder and that is why it lasts so much longer.

The other big advantage of Techni ice is it doesn’t get wet when it melts.  It stays dry and doesn’t cause you case or your pump to get wet – which of course you don’t want.

How to use Techni ice

When you get your Techni ice it is in one long thin strip of 4 pods.  The reason for shipping it this way is that printed on it are instructions for use and we didn’t want to make that difficult to read (even we provide our own instructions).  The first thing is to review the instructions that we sent you (here is a link to that file) and you can also review the instructions that are on the ice themselves.

First cut them into four equal pieces, as they are in the picture above.  Be careful when cutting that you only cut in the space between each of the pods, and not into the area that holds the gel that is inside.  If you cut into that area, or too near the border, it will ruin your ice packs and you will not be able to use them.

Second, you need to hydrate them.  The pods come unhydrated to make it easy for shipping.  It is necessary to hydrate them by soaking them in warm water until they expand.  You should put them fully underwater and softly squeeze the air out of them to encourage the water to enter into the pods.  The material is a 1-way membrane that lets water in, but not out.  You can let them sit for a short time in the water and let them absorb fully once you have squeezed the air out.  Be careful not to over hydrate them.  If you leave them too long they will get too big and will burst when you freeze them.  Remember that water needs room to expand in the freezer!  For the most practical use with your insulin pump case, we recommend not hydrating them to their full size, but keeping them thinner so you can put one in the front pocket and one in the back pocket for maximum protection.

Here is what they should look like when hydrated.

ice_back ice_hudrated2 ice_hydrated ice_w_pump

And here is the case with a pod in both the front pocket and the rear zipper pocket.

Finally, if you need more help, take a look at this video which shows fully how to hydrate Techni ice and explains more about it.  This is not produced by us, but by a 3rd party, but is an excellent overview of the product.  They hydrate the pods to their full size.  As we mentioned above, we do not recommend this as it would be so thick you would not be able to get your pump in-between the pods.